An anime music video (AMV) is a fan-made music video composition consisting of synchronize edited clips from one or more Japanese animated shows or movies set to an audio track.

The term is generally specific to Japanese animation but can occasionally include other animation or video game footage.

The creation of an AMV centers on using various video editing styles and techniques to create a feeling of synchronization and unity.


I started making AMV in 2004, entered and won awards in a lot of contests and events.

I used to be able to complete an AMV in 2 weeks when I was a beginner but it now requires between 2 and 4 months. I tend to spend a lot of time looking for footage and preparing my timeline. My videos are known for using electronic upbeat music and various anime with special care for aesthetics, elaborated transitions, smooth editing and of course 60fps interpolation.



Umbrella Corp

Multi-anime upbeat AMV made for Tracon 11 (2016) Finish anime convention featuring Rain by Polyphonix.

Premiered Anime Music
2016-10-18 Various (92) Polyphonix feat. Kanae Asaba – Rain

Sky Sanctuary

AMV composed of MMD (Miku Miku Dance) clips featuring Hatsune Miku Tda Append 3D model and Just Hold On (Identity Sequence) by zircon.

Premiered Anime Music
2015-04-04 Various MikuMikuDance (MMD) (26) zircon – Just Hold On (Identity Sequence)

Hidden Palace

Chill AMV composed of MMD (Miku Miku Dance) clips featuring Hatsune Miku and Just Hold On (Padilion Remix) by zircon.

Premiered Anime Music
2014-07-20 Various (12) zircon – Just Hold On (Padilion Remix)
Premiered 2013-07-07
Anime various (34)
Music Max Graham feat. Susana – Down To Nothing
Duration 03:33

Quantum Ripples

Multi-anime AMV based around the concept of continuity and featuring Is You by DIM and remixed by Le Castle Vania.

Premiered Anime Music
2012-07-07 Various (69) D.I.M. – Is You (Le Castle Vania Remix)
Premiered Anime Music
2012-04-12 Pale Cocoon Andy Hunter – Lifelight (Sugar Jesus Remix)
Premiered 2011-07-02
Anime Freedom
Music Russ Chimes – Never Look Back
Duration 03:29

Binary Overdrive

AMV created in collaboration with dance/pop/synth sensation Sugar Jesus featuring an exclusive new song: Get a Hold of Yourself.

Premiered Anime Music
2010-12-02 Genius Party Beyond Sugar Jesus – Get A Hold Of Yourself
Premiered 2010-07-03
Anime Bakemonogatari
Music Yuksek – Tonight
Duration 03:25
Premiered 2009-07-04
Anime Genius Party
Music Planet Funk – Stop Me
Duration 03:21

Running Man

Multi-anime AMV featuring Something Good (Van She Remix) by Utah Saints and a dramatic dystopic story.

Premiered Anime Music
2008-11-19 Various (16) Utah Saints – Something Good (Van She 08)


Superstar award winning AMV of the year 2008 featuring DJ Spoke. Massive multi-anime and one of the first 60 fps AMV using frame interpolation.

Premiered Anime Music
2008-07-06 Various (49) DJ Spoke – Watch Them Fall Down
Premiered 2007-12-23
Anime various (48)
Music Akufen – Deck The House
Duration 02:22
Premiered 2007-11-28
Anime Lucky Star
Music Superfunk – Lucky Star
Duration 02:55

Magic Pad

Upbeat award winning multi-anime AMV featuring Arise (Hammer & Funabashi Remix) by Mike Shiver & Ashkan Fardost.

Premiered Anime Music
2007-07-07 Various (41) Mike Shiver & Ashkan Fardost – Arise (Hammer & Funabashi Remix)
Premiered 2006-07-26
Anime Noein
Music Stargate Trailer
Duration 02:33
Premiered 2006-05-20
Anime Pale Cocoon
Music Andy Hunter – Lifelight
Duration 04:33
Premiered 2005-10-01
Anime Ghost in the Shell
Music Benassi Bros – Light
Duration 03:55
Premiered 2005-03-27
Anime Fullmetal Alchemist
Music Scooter – One (Always Hardcore)
Duration 03:35
Premiered 2004-09-10
Anime various (4)
Music Benny Benassi – Satisfaction
Duration 03:25
Premiered 2004-07-28
Anime Abenobashi
Music Fatboy Slim – Ya Mama
Duration 04:09


  1. You are one of the best AMV artists out there, thanks for all your vids and I cant wait for the next one! >.<

  2. First of all, I Love your AMVs. They’re simply awesome. I also love your choice in music for them (The Hammer and Funabashi remix of Arise you used for Magic Pad became my favourite song of all time (seriously, it must’ve been on repeat for a week)). I was wondering if you have anywhere you publish your favourite songs/songtitles/playlists, or generally just talk about the music you listen to?

    • If it’s quick questions that others might be interested in, leave them here. If you’re going to get into details, please use the contact form.

  3. excelentes trabajos los tuyo, me fascinan tus AMV, mis felicitaciones, yo empece a ver tus vídeos desde magic pad, pero ya e visto todos y se nota la evolución en tu trabajo; simplemente admirable, espero tu próxima producción. y apoyo la idea de M, que si se pudiera, nos compartieras música de tus playlist, ya que enserio has escogido canciones que como a M se han vuelto de mis preferidas. en mi caso es DJ Spoke Watch Them Fall Down (Original Mix) DJ Spoke Watch Them Fall Down (Montano Dub) que plasmaste en Auriga. bueno hasta luego Nostromo admiro tu trabajo.

  4. Hi I’m Brazilian fan of anime and videos and editing, I started doing “amv’s” after being shocked to see the beauty of his work on “Auriga”, you inspired me you’re the best, and I would be honored to assess a of my “amv’s” “thats it ..” see even more …

  5. Sigh, your work is simply beautiful, your unique style is the only thing that can scratch a specific itch whenever im looking for something that speaks to what amv’s are to me. I would love nothing more than to see you submit to Anime Expo and encourage others of your quality to show off their stuff!

  6. Hi Nostromo!, I rly love your amv’s cause are the best i have ever seen in my life. The music is perfect, the images are perfect, everything is perfect! Rly thanks for create those amv’s because they help me rly much in my job cause they give me inspiration to write 🙂 Thanks!

  7. Good Job for all AMV you have do. I follow you’re job 4 years ago and i find you change you’re way of making y period. I like the way you mark each things by rythm and tempo. And i share the same music passion that yours. Good think for the rest. Great thanks !

  8. Hi,nostromo,i like your amv,especially the 60fps They look very awesome,so i try to do AMV 60fps,but i have some difficulties。The animation is 23.976fps,and i also used twixtor,but not work as well as your AMV。I have no ideas,so i try to write this message。maybe you can tell me something about theway to make 60fps AMV。At last,sorry about my poor english。It will be great appreciated if you can help with me。Thank you。

    • It takes a lot of time to do 60 fps and it doesn’t always work, you have to have a good animation on the footage you use or else you’ll get the ghosting/distortion effect. Actually if you look at my AMVs frame by frame, you’ll notice that I do have a lot of distorted frames but they are hard to see at 1/60s. Also, you need to play with Twixtor parameters for each scene in order to find the best configuration. Be prepared to spend a lot of time on that if you want good render.

      • Hi,I am very pleased to receive your message。Thanks for your advice。I will try my best to do it。anyway,I enjoy your AMV when I after work everyday。Also waiting for your next work。Thanks awfully。

  9. You make the best AMVs out there (thanks to the your selection and combination of music and animes along with their animation sequence). Great work!!! Looking forward to your next AMV project release/premiere.

  10. I have noticed a trend were videos posted on have little if any animation in them. They contain real life video or to be more precise clips from movies and shows as opposed to anime series and movies. ie :Winners of AnonCon 2017. To me these are music videos and not amv’s so why are the posted as amv’s ? is VH1 and MTV taking over ? What are your thoughts on this ?

    • I haven’t really looked into it but I’m guessing it’s videos made by AMV makers who are trying something different. I don’t really mind if we get some of those but if it was to become a significant lasting trend then maybe we should have an other website dedicated to it. I did make a few of those that I shared on AMV forums. Regarding Anoncon, I believe it’s a special contest for video editing using anything other than anime. They also had a dedicated AMV contest so I think it’s cool.

    • I finally got back to editing but I have 2 non-AMV projects that I want to release before starting a new AMV. Hard to give an estimate but I guess next AMV release could be around february/march… or later.

  11. I really like the style of your AMV, my friend said that your AMV skills are cool but no soul. Maybe my friend just likes AMV with more emotional impact. I don’t want to refute him, but I still think that your AMV is the best I have ever seen, and umberlla corp is awesome!

    • Thx, I personally hate emotional impact in AMV, I’m happy with just mindless beauty and fun. There are a lot of AMVs out there, for everyone’s taste.

  12. Can’t open any amvs released before Galaxy Bounce!
    Apparently the img hoster for the pictures, which are used as the only link to the specific amv pages, is gone or removed the pictures.
    You can still open them by using <— insert name of amv after .fr/amv- and use – for spaces in the name.

    love your work Nostromo. I'm basicly on a nostalgic trip atm and realised that I lost some of your amvs that I saved.
    wish you all the best.

    • Chillout, I’m rebuilding old posts that got broken with the last update. It will take me some time but everything is coming back.

  13. I watched your AMVs obsessively when I discovered them as a highschooler in 2009. They’ve been up there with Interstella 5555 in terms of artistic inspiration and nostalgia ever since! Thanks so much for making them and allowing us to download the videos. You are awesome!

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