Premiered: 2004-09-10

First AMV featuring the HypnoToad… old AMV. It’s a parody of the original awesome Benny Benassi genius music video.

This one was especially complicated to make. I had to draw all those vector objects and animate them. The project was so big (for my hardware at that time) that I had to cut the project into 3 separate pieces and each had between 10 to 20 video tracks! I had a lot of crashes that even corrupted the project file so I had to restore it with some old copy and backup exports that I had.

I managed to complete the project and it’s one of my favorite work.

I also made a special Epita 2005 AMV contest version. This contest was known at that time for its poor judging quality so me and other AMV makers from the french community decided to send the most nooby/weird AMV we could make. It turned out that my special Epita version got an award : the special AMV award






Futurama, GTO, Abenobashi, Read Or Die TV



Benny Benassi – Satisfaction



[vimeo clip_id=”31970411″ width=”640″ height=”480″]

640*480 : 57 MB (divx)
640*480 : 24 MB (divx – Epita SE)
Youtube (Epita SE)


– Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 and Paintshop Pro 8


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