AMV – HypnoStro

Premiered: 2007-12-23

I participated in the 15th french Iron Chef. An Iron Chef is a competition for AMV makers where participants are given a song that they have to work with for a limited time: French Iron Chef is usually 24 hours. Judges are in charge of deciding on the winner who then has to organize the next Iron Chef. I participated in 2 other Iron Chef in the past but this one was special cause unlike previous editions, it was organized IRL with all participants gathered in the same room, filmed and broadcast live online!

AMV – Magic Pad

Premiered: 2007-07-07

Magic Pad was made for the Japan Expo 2007 AMV contest (1st best video). I had a lot of AMV ideas at that time but most of them were just too complicated or I didn’t have footage that would match my needs. But as I was looking for new pretty anime to work with, I managed to get myself a nice anime collection and I decided to make a multi-anime dance AMV.

AMV – Running Man

Premiered: 2008-11-19

Running man was made for the Akross 2008 AMV contest (2nd best video). I didn’t have much time to work on it and I used leftover footage prepared for Auriga. Yeah it’s random but even though it took me 3 months to complete it, I must say it was fun to edit this one. The name Running Man comes from the original music video. Running man is a dance move that looks both weird and awesome.