Premiered: 2007-07-07

Magic Pad was made for the Japan Expo 2007 AMV contest (1st best video). I had a lot of AMV ideas at that time but most of them were just too complicated or I didn’t have footage that would match my needs. But as I was looking for new pretty anime to work with, I managed to get myself a nice anime collection and I decided to make a multi-anime dance AMV.

No storyline here, just pretty pictures with boom-boom music. I wasn’t sure how start this AMV until I discovered DJMAX PSP game. It has some pretty videos but besides the intro, most of them consist in still images moving over a background with some visual effects, a bit like MADs or flash videos. I spent a lot of time selecting footage and trying to put them on the timeline at the right place where I could do interesting transitions. 6 months passed between the creation of the project folder and the final render and encoding.  I was working on it for about 2 hours a day but I also had to take care of some important stuff at that time and there were some weeks when I could only work for 2 hours max.

I think this is one of my best video and I won many awards at AMV contests (see list and trophies pictures) and I think it’s this AMV that make me really popular as an AMV maker. Magic Pad was ranked 2nd in 2007 top 10% and it is today ranked 11th at the all years top 10%. I got warned a few times about people who were using Magic Pad with a different song and (badly) modified credits claiming “I made it using Windows Movie Maker~”. Here’s a good example :  Different Edge (the original upload got deleted). I think this is kinda funny to watch, comments are interesting too and the end credits really made me laugh! Something else that I liked about this case is A case of AMV theft #02 video. Please don’t send me all the AMVs you can find on Youtube that use parts of Magic Pad, I know there are a lot out there and I don’t really mind.








Ah! My Goddess (TV)
Ai Yori Aoshi
Amazing Nuts! (OAV)
Baldr Force EXE (Game)
Black Cat (TV)
Brave Story (Movie)
Chrono Crusade (TV)
DJMAX 2 (PSP Game)
Ef – A Fairy Tale Of The Two (Game)
Eureka Seven
Fate/Stay Night (TV)
Genso Suikogaiden 2
Ghost In The Shell: Solid State Society (Movie)
Gunbuster 2 (Aim For The Top! 2)
He Is My Master
Jigoku Shoujo (TV)
Kanon (TV – 2006)
Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya, The (TV)
Please Twins! (TV)
RahXephon (TV)
Samurai Champloo
Shakugan No Shana (TV)
Shuffle! (PC)
Stellvia Of The Universe
Tales Of Eternia
Tales Of Legendia ( Tales Of MelFes) (PS2)
Tales Of Symphonia (Game)
Tales Of The Abyss (PS2)
To Heart 2 (PS2)
Wild Arms 3
Wind: A Breath Of Heart (Game)
Witchblade (TV)
Zegapain (TV)

I must say that I barely know or don’t know about a half of those anime. I simply saw nice pictures and decided to use them. The idea was to give a specific style by playing on colors and atmosphere. This is random editing with link attempts when I had the opportunity to make nice transition. I used a lot of OP/ED because this is where you find the best footage with dynamic cameras but sometimes you get credits and removing them can take a long time when it’s not impossible. For example, to remove credits from DJMAX scenes, I had to export single frames and edit them one by one with Paintshop Pro. With Ef it was a bit more complicated since the camera was moving a lot. I had to remove credits from one frame and then keep the part of that frame that I edited and stick it on others that had same credits and move this part of the picture frame by frame to match camera movements (it’s about as hard to explain as it is to make). Check out the making of video for a before/after comparison and the get footage names.




Mike Shiver & Ashkan Fardost – Arise (Hammer & Funabashi Remix)

It’s progressive trance, a kind of music that composes a big half of my play-list. I know it won’t fit everyone’s taste but I really wanted to make a video with it. I remember the first time I listened to it, I played all day mixing 2 different versions. The original version of the remix is 9:54 min so I had to edit it and create an ending because it is a club version and it doesn’t have any. I used parts of the original version (Mike Shiver & Ashkan Fardost Vocal Mix) for this.

Mike Shiver contacted me 2 years ago to ask me if it would be possible to use the AMV as a promo video for his album. I was really surprised and honored but I had to explain him that I don’t own any rights on the footage so he had to give up this idea.






1st at Japan Expo 8th Impact
Audience Choice Best of show at Sac Anime 2007
Best Upbeat/Fun award at Animethon 2007
Runner-up for Judges Best Overall at Animethon 2007
Best Dance video at Connichi 2007 Free AMV Contest
Category X at Nan Desu Kan 2007
Editors’ Best of Show at Nan Desu Kan 2007
Best Action/Upbeat award at MAniFest 2007
Best Technical award ay AWA XIII
Best Use of Multiple Anime at VCA 2008
Most Artistic Video at VCA 2008
Video of the Year at VCA 2008




[vimeo clip_id=”22175139″ width=”512″ height=”288″]

Magic Pad Making Of
640*360 : 71 MB (h264)
Ketsuryu (Mirror)
640*360 : 97 MB (divx)
Ketsuryu (Mirror)


– Made using Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0  and Paintshop Pro 8
– 6 months work
– Song title is “Mike Shiver & Ashkan Fardost – Arise (Hammer & Funabashi Remix)”
– Video footage : 41 anime, watch the “Making Of” video for details


  1. wow! man, to me are the best, making AMV the truth, I’m your fan ;D but for the truth,to be honest, if the amv declined in 2010. :S I hope this 2011, do videos like that of AURIGA, or runing man, who was one of the best… good luck, with all my heart. 😀 I support you, from Mexico, luck

  2. Hey man i’m a long term fan of yours i just wanted to say that i think this is one of your best amvs along with auriga and running man keep up the gd work man. I look forward to your future epic vids 😀

  3. I would not say Nostromo’s recent AMVs have been worse. There has been a recognizable change in style starting with Pure Thrust, and especially Binary Overdrive. The clip rate has been altered, and rather than multi-anime works, he uses scenes from a single one. I feel that Auriga and Magic Pad gave more of a trance like feel, whereas the latter are excellent tributes to the respective series and more professional aka Hollywood style. Nostromo’s talent is verified and unchallenged either way.

  4. [moved to correct post] How do you make the horizontal bar effect like in your amv magic pad at 0:16 the black stripes…

  5. Toujours bien “Magic Pad” c’est le premier clip que j’ai vus sur youtube, oui c’est Magic Pad qui m’a donner la passion des amv-s bref je ne savais pas ce q’amv-s signifié. Donc merci à vous Nostromo ou Xavier^^. j’ai installer Auriga System sur mon pc. Je suis fan. ( hor sujet). Donc a+ pour la japan expo 2011. PS: Belles photos sur Picasa.

  6. Oh Nostromo I´m a huge fan :3 I love your Magic Pad and Auriga!!! They´re the best <3 <3 <3 But Pure Thrust, Running Man and Binary Overdrive are great too 🙂 Keep workin, you´re the best 😀

  7. Je dois admettre que t’as quand même changé ma vie avec ce clip. Et j’abuse pas sur mes mots haha Question, si tu veux bien y répondre, sincèrement : C’est par manque de temps ou d’envie que tes derniers clips donnent l’impression d’avoir connu beaucoup moins d’investissement de ta part? (combien même j’adore Pure Thrust, mais vraiment <3) P.S : Je découvre ton blog aujourd'hui, Snow m'en a parlé alors je navigue entre les pages ^^

    • Bienviendu dans la web-grotte avec cette excellente question ! —————————– A propos des écarts que tu as constaté dans la “qualité” de mes productions (dans l’ensemble je suis d’accord avec toi mais ça reste une question de point de vue étant donné qu’une partie de mon public apprécie plus mes derniers AMV que les anciens), je pense qu’y a plusieurs trucs qui jouent : – Déjà on compare des multi-anime à des mono-anime, je doit dire que j’ai beaucoup de mal à travailler de la même manière sur ces deux types d’AMV. L’un est pour moi plus propice aux effets spéciaux, transitions de la mort et rythme rapide, pour l’autre j’ai tendance à me concentrer (bloquer ?) sur le choix des scènes et le montage pur et mine de rien, ça me prend déjà beaucoup de temps. – Un problème de source : j’ai en général juste assez de rush pour compléter ma timeline, un montage plus nerveux et sophistiqué impliquerait un pénurie de source avant la fin de la musique. Le seul moyen de contourner ce problème c’est le multi-anime que je devrait maintenant être de nouveau capable de faire grâce à mon stock accumulé au cours des dernières années. – Y a également une question de temps, je ne vie plus seul et ça veut dire qu’il est hors de question de passer la moitié de la nuit sur ma timeline. De même, il m’arrivait souvent de m’enfermer le week end ou de passer une semaine de vacances sans savoir si il a fait jour dehors, plus possible maintenant. – Un peu de flemme aussi je doit avouer. Je passe pas mal de temps à faire de la PS3, à lire les news sur internet ou à glander sur Youtube en rentrant du taff et l’heure du dodo arrive toujours trop vite. —————————– Voila ce que je peux te dire pour répondre à ta question. J’avoue être également assez impressionné par ce que certains ptits nouveaux arrivent à faire avec After Effects en ce moment et je me demande si j’arriverai un jour à rivaliser avec ce type de production. J’ignore si j’aurai l’occasion de radicalement changer de style dans le future, je peux juste te dire que je m’éclate toujours à remplir mes timelines, que mes AMV je les trouve très bien tels qu’ils sont car ils correspondent à ma vision des musiques que j’utilise et que j’ai pas l’intention d’arrêter les AMV dans l’immédiat. ===================================================== ===================================================== ===================================================== ===================================================== Hi and welcome to the web-cave with this interesting question! —————————– About the differences you have seen in the “quality” of my productions (in overall I agree with you but it’s still a matter of perspective since I know that part of my audience appreciates more my recent AMV than the old ones), I think that several elements can explain it: – For starting, when comparing multi-anime to single-anime, I must say than I can’t work the same way on these two types of AMV. For me, one is more open for special effects, transitions and rapid rhythm while for the other, I tend to focus (get stuck?) on the choice of scenes, pure editing and it takes me a long time to work on that. – A problem of footage: I usually just have enough footage to complete my timeline and a more sophisticated editing with special effects would lead to a lack of footage before the end of the music. The only way around this problem is the multi-anime that I should now be able to do again with my anime reserves accumulated during the past years. – There’s also a matter of time, I don’t live alone anymore, and that means it became impossible to spend half the night working on computer. Also, I used to sometimes lock myself in my “cave” for entire week end or even to take a week vacation without going outside. It’s now impossible. – A little lazy so I must confess. I spend a lot of time playing PS3, reading the news online or watching stupid stuff on YouTube when I’m back from work and bed-time always comes too fast. —————————– This is what I can tell you to answer your question. I also admit that I’m fairly impressed with what some new editors can do with After Effects today and I wonder if I’ll one day be able to compete with this type of production. I do not know if I’ll have the opportunity to radically change my editing style in the future, I can just tell you that I’m still having fun filling my timelines, I like my AMVs as they are because they correspond to my vision of the music I use and I have no intention of stopping AMV in the next months.

  8. Ta réponse me satisfait. Perso, je suis de ceux qui pensent que tu clippes sans te prendre la tête, comme ça et j’irai pas dire “avant c’était mieux”, pour moi, c’est juste différent, t’as évolué. Mais entre Pure Thrust et Ton Arjuna, perso, je pref Pure Thrust, sans hésitation donc bon ^^ Perso, je trouve la new gen en régression par rapport à ton époque, entre Tyler, SoH, Kael, Yonda and co, y’a un fossé pas possible. Pourtant, comme tu le soulignes bien, elle sait en faire des choses techniques mais les bases se perdent. Je sais pas si tu regardes les réactions suite à tes classement à la JE sur ces 3 dernières années mais ça a tendance à rager… A tort : car oui, c’est pas Magic Pad ou Auriga mais il n’empêche que toi, tu respectes quand même la règle du jeu basique aka faire du montage hahahaha Bon, allez, j’attends ton prochain multi alors :p

  9. in 2013 this AMV still the best AMV of all AMV ive watch in my entire life!! looking forward to see more work from u!

  10. Greetings from 2018. I think your video is one of those things that has a stronger effect than was originally laid by each author. And this effect is repeatedly enhanced by the symbiosis of music and picture. It turns out something really magical. I have carried the love of your creation through all these more than ten years, and I sometimes rewatch your video to this day. Thank you, Nostromo, thanks to the composers.

  11. Bonjour, petite question : De quel anime provient “l’image” à 1min16 avec un personnage faisant une bulle de savon ? Cela fait des années que je regarde cette AMV depuis sa victoire à la japan expo. J’étais un jeune ado à l’époque (ce qui n’est plus le cas aujourd’hui) et ça fait des années que j’ai cette question qui me reste en tête ahaha ! Merci pour ce travail Nostro’ !

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