Japan 2019

Follow me on my Tokyo 2019 adventures with Winter 2019 Comiket C97 cosplay, teamLab Borderless, Christmas illumination and the new Odaiba Gundam Unicorn.


Japan 2015

3rd trip to Japan, visiting Tokyo, TGS 2015, Mount Takao, Yokohama, Enoshima, Ita G Festa and various cosplay events.


  1. Hi, Nostromo

    Your videos stay up for eternity. How is that possible? How do you deal with copyright claims? Do you use any disclaimers? I would like to make AMVs just like you 🙂

    Kind Regards,

    • First thing I do before starting a project is looking on Youtube if there are other videos using the song. If there are some that are at least a few months old then the risk for copyright strike is low.
      I did have to abort AMV ideas because of concern over copyright.
      Disclaimer is just snake oil.

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