Hi, I’m Xavier aka Nostro / Nostromo, Photographer and Video Editor from Paris Umeå.

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    1. Absolutely wonderful work! I repeat watching them over and over again. They also showed some videos on the last Animagic event here. Thanks for your hard work!

    2. where do you usually find sources for new clips? or what are the methods,though please do remember that I’m not talking about from where you download them from 😮

    3. I just wanted to say that I find your work really outstanding and inspiring. The level of synesthesia you achieve in each of your videos leaves me impressed every time I watch them.

      • I have to correct myself. Synesthesia is not something you can “achieve”, it is a conjunction of sensory pathways that you can “induce”. In this case, by a superb combination of audio and video.

    4. Saluuut ^^ C’est pas nouveau mais je tiens à te dire que j’admire particuliérement ton travail. Enfin perso je te complimenterais plutot sur ta maniére de travailler et les moyens utilisés (Premiere Pro + Paintshop pour de tels amv c’est vraiment pas évident ^^). 🙂 En tant que user de Premiere je sais ce que ça fait –” (quand je vois certaines de tes idées je me “WtF? comment il a pu y penser “) et je te remercie tu me motives face au “Vegas”iens lol Enfin fini le bavardage, je voulais aussi te demander (si ça te gêne pas) si t’as des conseils particuliers à me donner pour les effets, le travail sur PP ou les AMV en général (oui oui je veux t’exploiter et je te force la main :sourire: ); ça fait des années que j’en fait et je veux toujours faire mieux mais je commence à croire qu’il faut que j’essaie de nouvelles choses :'( To end this MERCI for your work!!!!!!! Et just continue 😀

    5. Hey Norstomo i saw the comment with the receive videos that are dedicated to you. AND NO ONE MAKE A VIDEO FOR YOU ? Ok im not the best AMV maker but i PROMISE you i will make a AMV for you . I will send it you on your channel ^^. If you read some messages . Lg Kuro

    6. Hi.Nostromo. I listen nostromegamix trance 01 every day. It ‘s amazing . Good work . I am waiting for 2:) I want 2 !!!!!! 😉

    7. I absolutely love your work. I am new to creating AMVs, so I was wondering if I might be able to get some pointers and suggested programs from a genius, such as yourself.

    8. Tes amv c’est de l’Art en majuscule, rien d’autre à dire. J’aimerai savoir si tu as fait des études dans le domaine(audiovisuel/montage) ou si tu as commencé en simple amateur avant d’atteindre ce niveau? Quantum Ripples explose tout !

    9. Just saw Quantum Ripples and was blown away! Fantastic work there! Now I have to watch some of your others, lol.

    10. Dear Nostromo Musics in your AMVs makes me in a trance.(of course, videos too) How do you find those marvelous songs?

      • I subscribe to a lot of music channels on Youtube that usually send me to bandcamp (often with full album FLAC free download) or soundcloud accounts that I follow and end up showing new stuff from partner artists or remixers and so on, it never ends. I spend about 30 everyday checking out new sounds. Have a look at my Youtube or Soundcloud subcribe list : https://soundcloud.com/nostro-fr/following

        • Thank you for the reply! I’m sorry for my late thanks. I’ll check your channels. Your many following users will help me to expand my music library 🙂 Wishing you further success!!

    11. Hi Nostromo. I have a question unrelated to your amvs themselves but related to you as an editor and blogger/uploader of amvs. Do you deal with copyright issues regarding the footage or audio you use in your videos on a regular basis, enough to make you advise anyone who wants to set up a website dedicated to her work as an amv editor to not go for it, or far from it? Basically, I know how Youtube works since I used to edit and upload there a couple of years back, but you have a website and a vimeo account (that’s where I found you)… so I was wondering whether the “fair use” clause in your disclaimer is enough to prevent any strikes against you in places other than Youtube too? Sorry for the long comment, but I would really appreciate an answer, thanks!

      • So far I had to deal with 2 strikes from Youtube regarding audio. The first one was for my AMV HypnoStar which had its audio disabled twice and got a warning on the third time. I managed to get the audio back by sending the usual fair use disclaimer to Youtube but on the third time I decided to give up and asked to unlock the video so that I could delete it from my channel. One week later, the video got unlocked, the audio was back. I didn’t delete it and it’s still working fine to this day. The other video is one of my fireworks video, disabled audio, tried to remove the audio part that was causing the problem but it failed and I just gave up for now, I’ll have to upload it to Vimeo. Many of my videos have a content ID without consequence besides for Germany with GEMA blocking everything music related and some videos are unavailable for mobile users also (because why not, I guess…). Never had any issue copyright related on Vimeo nor on my website, maybe because I’m too small to get noticed (about 100 visits/day).

        • I see. Thanks for the detailed reply 🙂 it feels strange to me though that you’re not getting any such copyright issues on vimeo as you did on youtube as vimeo seems to me the more… professional site? At least the site which has a more dedicated filmmaking community at any rate… Oh are you from Germany? I didn’t know that, so I don’t know the conventions of GEMA (except that my youtube amvs would almost always get blocked in Germany QQ)

    12. Hey Nostro, I have fallen in love with your videos lately and have been making some of my own… The only problem is that I want to enter into a contest in the upcoming months and I’m not allowed to have logos in my footage. I’m trying to create an AMV for the anime Erased but cant find anywhere that has either no logos or no subs. Is there anywhere where I can download RAW footage? Thanks, Perryix

      • Sorry can’t help you with that. There are ways to hide subs and logos but it can require a lot of work/time depending on the amount of footage you want to clean since it’s all manual processing (the way I do it.).

        • Thank you so much for the reply, no one has ever replied to me yet you did so in four minutes! I understand how you cannot help me in that way, but is the way you clean off logos through object removal? If so, would Slice X’s object removal work in removing these logos? THANKS YOU SO MUCH <3, Perryix

          • I don’t know this Slice X thing. As I said, my logo removal method is 100% manual, I make custom masks for each sequence, apply some clever tricks to hide the left-overs and when the result isn’t satisfying I sometimes even have to resort to frame by frame export to Photoshop. Since I usually do this for very short sequences it’s bearable but inapplicable for an entire 3 min video for example.

            • Thank you so much for the quick reply! Wow that must take a lot of work for all of your videos! I’ll try it out and see how it goes I cannot thank you enough for this information. Best Wishes, Perryix

    13. Hey Nostro, first of all big fan of you it’s a pleasure. I was curious if you have ever considered doing any kind of tutorial videos? I don’t refer to any kind of “How to make AMV” since that would probably require hundreds of videos, but perhaps in some of the technical aspects, such as removing logos/credits or making those in 60 fps, or maybe even some general tips or whatever. I understand there are already a ton of videos on these subjects, just curious to see if you would take a shot at them. Thanks for the time, cheers.

      • Hi, thx for your message. I actually have a lot of ideas regarding this kind of project and I would like to do it. But the way I want to do it will requires a lot of work since I want to make it special. But I have to make a choice between that and new actual AMV. I also really want to make a new megamix, get back to gaming a bit and finish the new version of my website. Can’t tell when but I’ll probably take the time to do it properly one day.

    14. Bonjour, Nous avons réalisé les images sur l’Arc de triomphe pour les Petits Français. Nous souhaiterions vous contacter pour une captation d’un de nos spectacles. Pouvez-vous nous contacter ? Valérie VISUS Spectre Lab 01 48 xx xx xx

      • Bonjour, j’ai quelques contraintes en ce moment mais je vais regarder comment je peux m’organiser et je reviens vers vous d’ici le weekend.

    15. Good evening! I drop by here every once in a while to see if there’s been anything new, your work has always been very inspiring for me 🙂 Hows Sweden working out for ya, did you survive the winter? Greetings from across the Baltic Sea!

      • Snow is slowly melting, I’m hopping to get back on my skateboard in about 2 weeks! Swedish courses are keeping me super busy, postponing any new project till mid-summer.

    16. Hey Nostro, Thank you for the Japan travel vlogs, because of you I’ve been to Japan and now only a month away from my 2nd trip. Love the travel vlogs and AMVs. I wish you great success in your future endeavours.

    17. Hi Nostro. Love all your AMV. I’m wondering do you accept song from other artist as well if they want to have made an amv file to showcase their song or do you just pick based on your favorite? also are open to all genre?

      • I don’t accept requests unless it is something that really clicks with me and I immediately get ideas which is usually not the case. But it happened once with Binary Overdrive.
        I would consider trying other genre but again only if it sounds good to me and fits my vision.
        I’m struggling to find time to do anything at the moment anyway.

    18. Nostro, you are one of the few geniuses I have encountered over my lifetime. Please, stimulate my existence with some of that next level AMVs, ty

    19. Hey mate, been watching your stuff for ages. Hope that life is treating you well, and anytime you decide to make it down to Melbourne Australia I’d be proud to buy you a drink!

      Forgot about the website itself where I used to be downloading the 1080P versions of your AMV’s from, but the Torrens video brought it all flooding back.

      All the best, keep doing your thing!

    20. Hi, I’m from Russia, I also really like your creations, I wanted to thank you that it was your creations that gave motivation and interest in this activity (AMV), I have two questions, when will the AMV be? And why not do you edits? (small amv)

      • Hi Merzedits from Russia, I’m glad that my work had a positive impact on you.
        I don’t really have a reason why I don’t do short AMV or edits. I guess it is just not my thing.
        I can’t tell when the next AMV will come out but I assure you that I still want to edit.
        For now I am focusing on fixing my old photography posts. I realize that most people who come here for AMV have little to no interest in this but it’s important to me and it helps me improve on skills that are also useful for AMV.

    21. Your vids are one of the biggest lasting imprints on my inspiration for over ten years now and I wanted to just say keep going strong and I hope for your return AMV king.

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