Premiered: 2005-03-27

Always Hardcore is my first award winning AMV.

I think that I improved my editing skills a lot with this one. I spent a lot of time working on the lip sync and making the editing as flawless as possible. A few years ago, I heard from friends that they saw this AMV showing at some electronics store. Earlier this month, I actually did see it showing in the manga/anime corner of the biggest multi-media store near my place and I even took a picture.






Fullmetal Alchemist

This is the first Fullmetal series (51 episodes) adapted from the manga in 2003. Back then, 4:3 format was still the most used standard for series and screens. Fullmetal wasn’t easy to use with this kind of music since this anime is mostly dark, depressive and the mood doesn’t really fit upbeat style. That’s why I had to use some lip-sync scenes more than once. Also, I thought it made the video look similar to Scooter usual music videos where you can see scenes from 3 to 4 locations repeating during the entire video. I used a lot of scenes from openings/endings since the best animation is usually there.

I made a making of video, my first one, but since there’s actually not much to see there, I decided not to release it.




Scooter – One (Always Hardcore)

I discovered Scooter in 1995 with “Move your Ass” and I’ve been a big fan ever since. “One” is from their 2004 album “Mind The Gap”. I mixed 2 different versions of the song for this AMV.




Best of Show award at Kunicon Atlanta 2005
Best Action award at Animethon 2005
Best of Show & best Action award at Kumoricon 2005
Best of Show grand prize at AWA XI 2005
Best Dance Video at VCA 2006 



[vimeo clip_id=”29560694″ width=”640″ height=”480″]

 640*480 : 61 MB (divx)
Ketsuryu (divx Mirror)


– 2 months work
– Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 and Paintshop Pro 8


  1. Работа не очень, музыка и стиль выполнения напоминают ретро! делай в прогресс а не в регресс

    • I remember this one, saw it on Animemusicvideos, 6 years ago? Never knew you did with yer current style ^^

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