Premiered: 2004-07-28

This one was made back in the days when I was discovering new editing tricks everyday and when I could make an AMV within 2 weeks… wow, that was 7 years ago! The main concept of this AMV was to put together as many crazy and random scenes as possible and to increase the level of madness by displaying 2, 3 or 4 of them simultaneously on the screen (PIP : picture in picture). A bit like in 24 series.

5th AMV project made with my old laptop. My editing skills improved a bit since 2004 and I can now spot a few technical flaws in this AMV but I think it’s still very good work. Quality isn’t awesome either but that’s the best you could do at that time. This AMV would deserve a remake, maybe when I have time and if I can find a high resolution version of Abenobashi, or maybe I could upscale DVD like I did with Binary Overdrive. I remember I had a lot of positive comments when I released it and it had a lot of success at conventions. I think I started to become popular with this AMV.





Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi




Fatboy Slim – Ya Mama



[vimeo clip_id=”24054333″ width=”512″ height=”288″]

640*352 : 50 MB (mp4)
Ketsuryu (divx Mirror)


– Adobe Premiere 7 (Pro 1.5) and Paintshop Pro 8
– 2 weeks work


  1. watching this, and your latest work on the website (Hidden Palace). It is really nice to see how much you improved yourself 🙂 Very well done

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