Premiered: 2007-11-28

This AMV has been premiered at Akross AMV Contest 2007 and got 11th place. It was my first AMV made with AURIGA and also, my first “Romance” AMV. It’s not the usual slow/boring/depressing romance AMV, there’s a a good amount of fun/comedy in it and I even managed to insert the Hypnotoad. Yeah, romance + Hypnotoad, how could it not work ?!

For this release, I modified the audio mix a bit. I changed the equalizer settings and I added some music for the Akross logo (Cannibal Corpse – Blunt Force Castration) and elevator music (Stereo Action Unlimited – HI-FI Trumpet) for the TV waiting time. I think it makes the intro a lot better and funnier, I should have thought about doing that in 2007.





Lucky Star

One of the few anime that I really enjoyed watching. I knew I had to make something when I saw the episode with Meito Anizawa. There wasn’t much footage of him though and that’s why this AMV is a bit short. I had to improvise and find a way to end the video. That’s where the Hypnotoad (from Futurama) comes in.




Superfunk- Lucky Star

Lucky Star song for a Lucky Star AMV… yeah, it was kinda obvious. Everything went easy once I decided on using this song with Lucky Star. I don’t remember how long I worked on it though.



[vimeo clip_id=”23739150″ width=”512″ height=”288″]

1280*720 : 97 MB (divx)
Ketsuryu (Mirror)


– Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 and Paintshop Pro 8
– Video footage : Luck Star


  1. The 1280*720 : 97 MB (divx) link is a direct download link for “Pure Thrust”. Please fix it! xD I wanna watch this masterpiece in high-def.

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