Premiered: 2006-05-20

This AMV has been premiered at Japan Expo AMV Contest 2006 and got 2nd place + Audience award. This is my first massive contest winning AMV. I didn’t expect this AMV to be so successful when I finished it and it was also the first time I went to Japan Expo and saw the results of the contest on the big screen. It was interesting to meet other AMV makers IRL. Even thought there’s not much to see on this one, you can check out the Making Of video.


I got a lot of comments on this AMV and most of them were pointing out the fact that it looked like a real (official) music video, probably because I only used one OVA and the action is located in one unique place. The ambiance is constant whereas in most AMVs, you see scenes from different episodes of anime with many different locations and different environments. Also, my editing is clean without noticeable special effects.






Pale Cocoon

This is a 22 minutes long OVA by Yasuhiro Yoshiura. I think I was one of the first to make a Pale Cocoon AMV. I also used some scenes from Tweeny Witches.




Andy Hunter – Lifelight

This song is from Andy Hunter’s album “Life” from 2005. It has a lot of very good tracks, but this one is my favorite. I edited it a bit to make it shorter (original mix is 8:28). Few months after the release, this AMV was featured on Andy’s website and stayed there for a while. It was awesome to know that the artist of the song I used saw my video and probably liked it.

The intro is extracted from the opening of Wipeout Pure (PSP) and played reverse : “Intro” by Paul Hartnoll




3rd Romance video award at Anime Mid-Atlantic 2006
Public Prize at Japan Expo 7th Impact
2nd at Japan Expo 7th Impact
Best Action / Effects award at Kumoricon 2006
Judges’ Choice at Kumoricon 2006
2nd Place Action/Upbeat at Manifest 2006
Artistic Endeavor at AWA Expo 2006
Winner of Category X at Nan Desu Kan 2006
Video of the year at VCA 2007



[vimeo clip_id=”24576431″ width=”640″ height=”360″]

Galaxy Bounce Making Of
640*360 : 71 MB (divx)
640*360 : 60 MB (mp4)
Ketsuryu (divx Mirror)
640*360 : 71 MB (divx)
Ketsuryu (divx Mirror)



– 2 months work
– Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 and Paintshop Pro 8


  1. Hmm i have a question , where do you get the anime clips when you edit ? Do you convert them or somehow ?

    • Depends, I can use DVD or RAW files that I download. Then I convert them to Huffyuv or Laga (lossless compression). I also upscale and filter when I need to.

  2. Hey Nostromo , im a big fan of yours and i just wanted to say that you are like the best video editor out there. Anyway can you put a theme for the Icarus System ? Thanks

  3. I have enjoyed your work since ketsuryu came online. The snowcrash, and many other artists that I found there. My favorite, hands down is Quantum Ripples. Would love to see you produce something along the lines of The Apple Tree. But that took a lot of collaboration. And was 15+ min long. But to this day I keep both quantum ripples and The Apple Tree on my play list. Thanks and God bless you and good luck on all your ventures.

    • I actually have an idea for a 15min project but seeing how long it takes just to make a 3 minute AMV, I have no idea when or if it will be possible.

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