Premiered: 2010-07-03

This AMV has been premiered at Japan Expo AMV Contest 2010 and got 2nd place. I actually don’t have much to say about this AMV besides that it was my last AMV made with Auriga and I’ll never try to make a 720p@60 project with 2 GB RAM ever again !


Pretty pictures with neat music, that’s my thing. Most of the AMV has a 2.20 aspect ratio because most of the anime is like that. I had the idea of switching to 1.78 during the middle part to increase the contrast with the rest of the video. I didn’t make a “making of” video for this one since there isn’t much to show although there was a lot of work on removing credits and lip synch foreground/background effect. 60 fps is also time consuming and is always a huge technical challenge.







I managed to watch episode 1 and 2. I kinda wanted to kill myself during the opening of episode 3, so I gave up. This anime is totally mindfuck, boring, makes absolutely no sense and is just exhausting to watch… but it has some pretty pictures.




Yuksek – Tonight

I mixed the Original version with the “The Bewitched Hands On The Top Of Our Heads Cover” version. I altered it a bit to have female vocals on the middle part of the video. I also added e few special effects. The mix was entirely made with Premiere.






2nd at Japan Expo 2010
1st Exclusive ranking at Japan Expo 2010
Best Use of Lip Synch Award at VCA (Viewers Choice Awards) 2011




[vimeo clip_id=”23092469″ width=”512″ height=”288″]

1280*720 : 199 MB (60fps divx)
Ketsuryu (Mirror)
Youtube (30fps)
Vimeo (30fps)



– About 1280*720@60fps version, if you notice audio/video delay, try to play with VLC
– See Auriga for more information about the 60fps process
– 3 months work
– Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 + Twixtor plugin and Paintshop Pro 8
– Song title is “Yuksek – Tonight” mixed by me
– Video footage : Bakemonogatari


  1. Pure Thrust was the first well-done AMV I ever watched- meaning, it didn’t have subtitles on the bottom of the screen and wasn’t made in Windows Live Movie Maker. I still remember what a surprise it was that an AMV could be *this gorgeous*- I watched it over and over and over. I watched Bakemonogatari because of it. Which is funny because you say that you watched only two episodes of Bakemono. Of course different animes for different people, but it does get a lot better after the first two- it starts…hanging together more, lol. tl;dr: Pure Thrust is pure gorgeousness.

  2. It’s an awesome work! I really discover the world of “pro” amv with this one, thanks! Will you join to the japan’s expo Amv contest this year? ps:sorry for the mistake, i’ve some difficult with english^^

  3. Nostromo can you say something about the editing programs , like how do you create the animations etc… Thanks

          • Yes a tuto avout editing with Premiere would be great , becouse im still in Sony Vegas Pro and i would like to see the power of Premiere . Thanks

          • I think there are already enough Premiere tuto out there and it would take too much time for me to make. But if you have specific effects or techniques that you’d like me to explain, I could write a lil something.

        • I mean go ahead and write down some things you may think that are importants about editing with Premiere Thanks Again

  4. How do you make the horizontal bar effect like in your amv magic pad at 0:16 the black stripes…

    • If possible, please refrain from using any other language than English. I realize Nostromo is French, but the website is public to everyone.

      • About 15 % of visitors here are french. I know that many of them are not very comfortable with English. I understand that it’s more natural for them to use French with me and I don’t really mind. From now, I’ll try to write a translation when the comment can be useful to others.

  5. Greeting. I’ve been always watching your AMV and thinking I’ll need to say hi sooner or later. Just one questions. How long does it takes to finish the raw works?

  6. hey, is this made for speakers/surround sound? because when i play the song with headphones i hear weird noises halfway through, also it couldnt be anything in the background because ive tried it with my ipod

    • Yeah, I have some distortions on the middle part due to my pitch shifter effect. I only learnt recently how to use it properly.

      • will you ever “remaster” any of your amv’s? the qaulity on most of them are great but id love to listen/watch pure thrust without the distortions, also noticed slight distortions in running man. anyway keep up the great work!

  7. This is just amazing. I love your AMVs, i wish everyone would make stuff this good! 😀 Take my hand… tonight 😀 Are there any other artists, Nostromo, that you would suggest to check out? I’d love to know a few.

  8. XD i got through 2 episode of this anime then dropped it for like 2 months because it didn’t keep my attention, but after watching this amv i started watching it again this morning and absolutely love it!! js it does start to make sense after a couple episodes :3

  9. Salut, dite, vous nettoyé vos pistes avec quel logiciel pour rendre une bonne netteté des image dans vos montage?

  10. Hey I love this amv its the first one i saw of your creations, is there a way i can get the mp3 of the audio mix you used its awesome Thanks

  11. Je vais faire simple: cet Amv m’a réconcilié avec le monde des Amv. Merci pour ce superbe travail.

  12. …I’m spamming but deal with it 😛 again this is one of my…*searches for use of better wording* most esteemed? no, whatever…favorites. ergajhdjaslh…you have no idea how many times I’ve clicked this video. Love your work<3

    • I tried to look for it in the project file but it seems to be a font that I don’t have on my system anymore, sorry. Weird, I usually keep, save and backup everything. I’d like to get it back though, if anybody knows it.

  13. Bonjour, je voudrais savoir comment faite vous l’effet de tremblement ou de brouillage en vertical à la fin “N o s t ro m o” 0 6-2 0 1 0 Merci.

    • C’est l’effet Vertical Hold avec Premiere (plusieurs en même temps) et le tremblement est fait avec l’effet shake de Sapphire.

  14. This is one of my favorite amv’s. I’m really impressed you mixed the audio yourself! You’re amv’s have opened up different kinds of music to me, so I really appreciate that. I understand you don’t like Bakemonogatari, but I think visually, it’s one of the more amazing animes. Thank you!

  15. Salut, l’amv n’est plus visible sur YouTube. C’est pour prévenir. Le com peut-être supprimer par la suite.

      • C’est depuis l’application YouTube pour Android. Toutes sont visibles sauf celle là. J’essaierai depuis un PC mais je vais encore sûrement avoir le message “cette vidéo n’est pas disponible”. Sinon le DL est nikel même après 6 ans je kiff toujours cette vidéo 😉

        • Étrange, j’ai essayé depuis mon Android et ça marche. Sur PC ça marche aussi. Ipad par contre c’est bloqué. Sinon il y a Vimeo.

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