Premiered: 2009-07-04

This AMV has been premiered at Japan Expo AMV Contest 2009 and got 3rd place. This is a simple AMV without anything really new or original but I think the result is ok.


I completed this project in a very short time. It felt a bit weird, cause I don’t remember much about what I did, I just managed to complete the timeline without thinking too much. Most visual effects come from the original footage so this is really a basic edited AMV. The 60 fps process went fast and was easy to apply too.

The Galaxy Pad title is a private joke. I was at a Japan/manga convention and I met a member of the french AMV community (Reznic) who recognized me while I was trying to remember where I knew his face. He didn’t tell me who he was and started talking about my AMVs. He said that he really liked my Galaxy Pad something AMV (he mixed Magic Pad and Galaxy Bounce on purpose) and while I was trying to correct him, he finally told me who he was. When I was done with the editing and was looking for a title, I thought I was the only one who made an AMV with Limit Cycle. But then I saw an AMV made by Reznic few months ago who was using it and it reminded me of this story. So yeah, it has nothing to do with my other AMVs or with any Korean toy-tablet-fruit-ripoff-like device.






Genius Party - Limit Cycle

Genius Party is a compilation of 6 short mind fuck OAV by Studio 4°C. I must say that I didn’t watch any of them, I just put it on my timeline and looked for pretty scenes so I have no idea what it is about. The OAV I used is Limit Cycle. I extracted DVD and upscaled it to 720p.




Planet Funk – Stop Me




[vimeo clip_id=”24184233″ width=”512″ height=”288″]

1280*720 : 148 MB (60fps divx)
1280*720 : 99 MB (60fps mp4)
Ketsuryu (divx Mirror)
Youtube (30fps)
Vimeo (30fps)


– About 1280*720@60fps version, if you notice audio/video delay, try to play with VLC
– mp4 version is better quality but requires a lot more processor power than divx
– See Auriga for more information about the 60fps process
– 1 month work
– Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 + Twixtor plugin and Paintshop Pro 8


  1. Pour le titre “Galaxy Pad, The Magic Bounce” au début c’est avec after ae ou comme d’abitude images par images?

  2. “Galaxy” because it has colors similar to Galaxy bounce, and “Pad” because it has horizontal interlace-like lines from Magic Pad. That’s the explanation I remember 😀

  3. I did’t like this one. wow, an AMV of nostromo that i didn’t liked. wel, don’t let let it discourige you, you stil make awsome stuff. by the way, BEST WEDSITE ever seen! love the black and red theme. are you a webmaster? greatings peter.

      • i live in france and was wondering. wat kind of education did you have? (orientation? bac pro,generale, ECT..? cause i would love to do this kind of stuff but i was wondering what kind of diplome you needed. Gr. peter

        • I have an electrical technician diploma (BTS Electrotechinque) and a master’s degree in electrical engineering (Diplome d’ingénieur). About my work (website design, AMV, etc…), I learnt everything by myself but I’m an amateur. I think you need something like master’s degree in IT if you want to become professional at this kind of stuff.

  4. The magic happens when you make me completely tune into music that I would usually avoid; beautiful imagery.

  5. this is one of my absolute favorites. Your editing is superb and you manage to cast a message with the amv while others simply have a ‘watch and be done with it’ feel. Yours are ones I’ve been flipping to whenever I feel like watching something awesome 🙂

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