Premiered: 2005-10-01

Old AMV from 2005 : Ghost in The Shell + Benassi Bros

I watched Ghost in the Shell series and movies and had to use them for an AMV. This AMV was ok when I first released it but watching it now makes me want to change some stuff and correct mistakes like the very average quality of music editing. I named it Vectorman because I drew and used a lot of vector shapes (about 120). Vectorman is also a game on Megadrive which had excellent electronic/techno music. I’m thinking of doing a remake if I ever get the time.

Making Of is available, it looks cool and was fun to make but there’s actually not much to see.






Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence

Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Ghost In The Shell: 2nd GIG



Benassi  Bros - Light



[vimeo clip_id=”34401851″ width=”640″ height=”360″]

640*360 : 66 MB (divx)
640*360 : 50 MB (divx – Making Of)


– Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 and Paintshop Pro 8


  1. “Vectorman”, hun? Dite, il y a beaucoup d’effets j’aime beaucoup. Heu pourquoi le nom “Vectorman”?

    • So do I think too! Arjunas Nature is one of your personal best videos okaaaay it’s old ô_ô but I’m an amv maker too and know how you think if you see your older amv’s it’s like laughing ’bout how you was in your childhood but it would be nice if you could upload it here.

  2. I enjoyed this video the most. I must say though, all your videos are fantastic though. They all get your adrenaline pumping. Thanks for creating such a great piece of art. Hopefully you’ll be able to remaster it one day.

  3. I love this AMV. It’s one of the few AMVs I keep going back to to watch, since GitS is my favorite anime. You’re hands down my favorite AMV artist (I love Galaxy Bounce and Always Hardcore too). Thanks for making these 😀 you’re awesome

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