Summer & Winter 2011 : Trips to Bordeaux

I traveled to Bordeaux (south France) twice last year. Day pictures were taken during summer (July) and night pictures are from winter (December).



Bordeaux is the place where I grew up, graduated my first diploma and got my first job. I don’t go back very often and I never took the time take pictures. Summer pictures were all taken with my Tamron 18-270mm PZD lens and when I went back in winter, I could try the 10-24mm wide angle lens.




I did a big post production work on this set with adjustments to the white balance, HDR, color and other various contrast enhancement  effects. From now, I’ll put detailed parameters that you can read by moving the cursor over each picture.








========== Download high definition pictures ==========


  1. J’aime cette ville, il y a beaucoup de rues pour une petite ballade sympathique. Je vais souvent au jardin publique ou j’ai fais un stage de génie écologique. Ou à la grande bibliothèque ou l’on trouve des choses intéressantes. Question: -Les ordures sont aussi de l’art comme le chariot dans l’eau?

  2. I swear to God, some of these shots are just incredible! Too bad that the format isn’t always suited for wallpapers . 🙁

  3. Jolie ville n’est-ce pas ? 😉 jolies photos en tout cas 😉 merci aux artistes d’avoir pensés à embellir notre ville 😉

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