Wipeout Collection

CollectionCollection DownloadDownloadItems137 items Last UpdateLast update: 03/02/2017 File27 photos 116MB Download Photos jQuery(function () { jQuery(".tooltip-5f979ee4255fa").bsf_tooltip(); }) NoteListNote I started this collection in 2010 while I was browsing for random stuff on eBay and I found a sealed copy of Wipeout XL JAP for Sega Saturn. I’ve always been a big fan of Wipeout games [...]

Auriga Windows XP Theme

As requested, here’s the AURIGA Windows XP theme. This theme was made for Windows XP, it’s a Classic theme so it should work fine on Windows Vista/7 if you activate classic theme. Of course, it’s compatible with Windows 95/98/Me. It’s been running on AURIGA till this day and I also installed it on my computer at work. Colleagues and […]