Premiered: 2011-07-02

This AMV has been premiered at Japan Expo AMV Contest 2011 and got 6th place. It’s part I of  the Russ Chimes Project. The idea was to use the album Midnight Club EP by Russ Chimes which contains 3 tracks to make a 3 part AMV with Snowcrash, Reznic and me. We were planning on sending the 3 parts to Japan Expo AMV contest but Reznic couldn’t complete his part in time.


The 3 parts don’t have much in common besides the music artist and presentation style (intro/outro/credits). If you watch carefully, you should also see some scenes from other parts showing up at some point. My part doesn’t have a really complex editing nor special effects (besides 60fps), it’s just a cool action AMV.


Part II by Snowcrash : The Party (Tertre Rouge)

Part III by Reznic : Black Out (Targa)








I was looking for an anime that would fit Russ Chimes and Snowcrash reminded me about Freedom : one of the best anime series I’ve seen in the past 5 years. It’s from Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira) and although it’s only 7 episodes, the story is interesting, original and it’s visually impressive. It’s sad that they didn’t go for full 30 fps (or even 60) since it’s 3D CG. Instead, the animation is similar to the usual anime series : between 8 and 12 fps so in the end, it was about as hard to make 60 fps with it as it is with a regular 2D anime. I really like this graphic style though and I hope to see more anime like this in the future. I tried to be careful and not reveal too much of the story so if you haven’t seen Freedom yet, you should still be able to watch this AMV without major spoilers.

One fun part when I edited this AMV was synchronizing the count down. Indeed, I noticed that it was just like any other movie-type count down : it only counts down when the camera is on it! Meaning that if something is gonna happen in 10 seconds according to count down, it actually takes from 20 to 30 seconds real time. So I had to photo edit it digit by digit to make it count down in real time. That was for the middle section count down. The one at the beginning was a lot harder to work with cause it’s only displayed for like 2 seconds starting from H- 3 hours and there are pieces of glass flying over all it : see for yourself.

(thumbs up for ticking digital clock…)




Russ Chimes – Never Look Back (Midnight Club EP Part I)

I discovered this song with the Midnight Club EP music video trilogy. It’s a 3 part short movie made to promote the album. The first part might be a bit disturbing to watch the first time because of the editing but it all makes sense when you watch part 2 and 3. It’s original, full of great ideas and worth watching in loop.

About the song itself, I’ve been thinking of doing something with it for a while and this 3 part project was the perfect opportunity. I did a bit of editing to make it shorter by 2 minutes and 20 seconds. I had to make new transitions, new ending and I also added a few sound effects.




[vimeo clip_id=”25322249″ width=”640″ height=”360″]

1280*720 : 149 MB (60fps mp4) [FS] [FSc]
Ketsuryu Mirror
Youtube (30fps)
Vimeo (30fps)



– About 1280*720@60fps version, if you notice audio/video delay, try to play with VLC
– See Auriga for more information about the 60fps process
– 2 months work
– Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 + Twixtor plugin and Paintshop Pro 8
– Special thanks to Overdrive for teaching me mp4 encoding & filter


  1. I don’t like original rape version so I’ll be watching yours. Thats a catchy song! And heeey I noticed some unusual footage 🙂

  2. Weak work, coz of the lack of special effects. I can’t call it AMV, it’s just well-constructed video.

      • Alex has poor taste… Personally I like it better than some of your more FX heavy AMV’s. This was very good & I enjoyed it alot, Big thanks for the d/l links.This and Pure Thrust are my favorites.of yours. Although I have a few others d/l besides just those two 😉

    • They’re not always obvious but they’re there indeed. If you count twixtor’s 60 fps as an effect, then it’s a 100% Special FX AMV. Also I do have some color correction and zoom/rotation/pan all over it. Don’t forget to mention audio, lots of stuff there too.

  3. Some ppl just cant handle the finesse of this kind of editing..if it dont have the like tons of noise….3d effects and dunno wut others to fill the screen…they ignore the flow the sync and the changes made on the actual original clip….sum should try watching the original footage..they might find out their mistaken then…or some just troll becoz all they know is multi-anime such as auriga…i think its a really great vid..and btw is this the 1st u made with sulaco?how did it work 😛

    • First Sulaco was Binary Overdrive. I don’t see much difference with Auriga for now cause I’m still using old Premiere Pro 2.0. I’ll try to upgrade soon. Thx for comment.

      • Hey Nostro, I can get you free Premiere CS4 or 5, or whatever is current if you’d like. It’s easy and i’d be glad to hook you up man,,,

        • Free licence ? neat! I tryed CS5 and didn’t like much, felt really heavy and slow compared to 2.0 which is very reactive. I’m waiting for 5.5

          • Ah so CS5 was a little buggy too..I did hear CS5 was an absolute resource hog, and ran slow..Vegas Pro 10 was incredibly buggy until version 10d so I understand. i’ll keep my eyes peeled for 5.5, and send you an email when I get it.. Keep making these awesome AMV’s,, they are greatly appreciated!

  4. 6) Nostromo – Russ Chimes Project Part 1 – Radical Sequence Like you said, you’re in the top 10. Congrat!

  5. Salut à toi, Nostromo ! Merci pour ce nouvel amv. Non seulement le niveau d’excellence espéré est bien là, mais en outre, l’air de rien, tu te renouvelles, ce qui n’est pas vraiment remarqué ou compris… “Pure Thrust” indiquait ce changement de style, “Radical Sequence” le confirme. Bref ! ma question. Est-ce que Russ Chimes a vu ton travail et celui de Snowcrash ? Qu’a-t-il pu en penser ?…

  6. Ok ! Sinon, pour tes autres amv, plus anciens, est-ce que Yuksek, DJ Spoke, etc. ont réagi ?… Sinon, avec ce “Russ Chimes Project”, c’est le deuxième projet collectif auquel tu participes, après l’excellent (ton meilleur, peut-être) “Binary Overdrive” pulsé par Sugar Jesus… Comme j’ai dit, tu renouvelles ton style, mais aussi le concept même d’amv. Vas-tu à nouveau essayer de varier, d’inviter, de coordonner (ou que sais-je…) ?

    • – Mike Shiver à réagit à Magic Pad (Cf. Magic Pad post), Andy Hunter à réagit à Galaxy Bounce (Cf. Galaxy Bounce post). – J’ai déjà participé à d’autre projets en collectif, des MEP. – Oui, c’est déjà en cours.

  7. I love this AMV, great song, great editing, I love your style. I have been looking forward to your next release for a while now, and it was worth the wait. Well done!!

  8. I wasn’t quite left in awe by this AMV either. It’s not because your skills have gotten worse or anything, but occasionally there is an AMV where the style simply isn’t as appealing. It’s called taste, and admitting that you have one, is seemingly difficult for a few people. Now I’m more into the fast-paced works like Pure Thrust, Magic Pad and Auriga. I could also appreciate Binary Overdrive as Hollywood-quality art really. This time it was different, with a lot of CGI, no lyrics to match movement and give it a hint of symbolism etc. To me it just felt like trance-like movement, and I wasn’t quite able to focus nor be fascinated by it. The former pretty much proves that you’re not out of shape, though. It’s still naturally mesmerizing, lol.

  9. привет Nostro обращаюсь к тебе с большой просьбой, сам я из России!) Мог бы ты сделать рекламный ролик на тему починки компьютеров на программном уровне! Организация называется komputerjoe у тебя будет опыт создания рекламных роликов а мне поможет привлечь клиентов подумай

  10. Salut l’ami ^^ J’aurai une petite question, si tu le permets =) Cela concerne le clip à Reznic, toujours aucun lien de prévu? ^^’ Sinon, j’ai vraiment adoré que vous ayez repris les musques à Saman, dont j’étais fan depuis un bon moment ~~ Dommage que vos 2 clips à Snow et toi n’étaient pas plus “liés” mais bon, déjà, la musique est excellente et on apprécie toujours de voir les bonnes musiques clippées par des pro ^^ Bon courage sinon, et au prochain

  11. And this is my absolute favoriteee~it’s the first amv of yours I watched, and from then ME WAS HOOKED. I would normally yell MOARRR but excuse me while I rewatch them again and again and again 😀

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