I’ve been thinking about updating this website for a while but I always ended up preferring to spend my time making new content. I finally decided to get to work and made a completely new website from scratch based on The7 WordPress theme. Finally came up with a logo also.

It took me 3 months to customize everything and I now have a clean responsive layout with much better post structure. Unlike Nostro v1 which was an outdated code mess, I wanted to make it the right way, this time using child theme, proper CSS overwrite and a few php tweaks. I managed to get the result I wanted but I’m definitely not an expert and any help regarding glitches and optimization is welcome, please let me know if you have suggestions.

I switched from red & black to black/grey with gold accent which makes the interface easier to read. The site might be a bit slower to load, especially on photo posts but the quality is much higher and the layout makes use of the entire screen space available.

I am now in the process of updating each individual post with the new layout starting with the most popular posts. It will take some time before I have it 100% done.


By the way, if you’re looking for a host for your website, PlanetHoster offers a 10% discount (and a small kick back for me) with this promotion code: PHA-nostro

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  1. The website is looking great, you definitely did a good job on it! (It gives off a Deus EX Human Revolution feel)
    Keep up the amazing work.

  2. Very cool. I liked the old website a lot, but this is definitely an improvement. I love the way everything’s organized within each post now. The way the screenshots “flip” into place is really awesome. I appreciate the fact that the actual text of posts separates into columns, instead of having stupidly wide lines of text that become difficult to read as a result. To that effect, though, the comments unfortunately do not separate into columns or otherwise control their own width, which makes them a bit annoying to read. So if you have any way of limiting the width of comments, that would help. Overall, though, this is hella awesome.

      1. No new ideas, but I noticed that on the AMV page, there are a few links that don’t work correctly anymore. Specifically, the ones for “Pure Thrust”, “HypnoStar”, “Magic Pad”, and “Chikyuji & FM” all link to the incorrect page, or, in the case of “HypnoStar”, nothing at all.

        1. Wow indeed, seems to have been a problem when merging the old database. I did a local fix for the AMV page but I’ll have to go through the database to correct everything. Thx.

  3. I don’t like it.
    The previous one was way better to read. This one look nice but it’s worst to read and loading way to long. I love the background, simple structure but one of the best nature could create. Colors are definitely DE:HR like with more contrast.

    1. Well I hope you’ll get used to it cause I’m not changing back. Loading is a bit slower but even from my poor hotel wifi I manage to get it pretty fast, it’s not that bad… I think. Let me know it you have suggestions to improve reading experience, thx for the feedback. For now you can still access the old website here : 1.nostro.fr, be careful where you click, static links will bring you back to the new website.

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