Small post to talk a bit about one of my favorite games : Wipeout HD Fury

You might know from my Deviant Art vector drawings that I’m a huge Wipeout fan. I’ve been playing this serie since the first episode on PS1. Wipeout is famous for it’s crazy speed, futuristic atmosphere (thanks to the perfect work of The Designers Republic) and electro soundtrack featuring artists such as Daft Punk, Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Cold Storage, etc…




In this game, you can pause anytime to take a picture. Here are some of the best pictures I took while playing.

Download high definition pictures

Download high definition pictures




This is one of the few games that were developed exclusively for the PS3. It runs at full HD 1080p with a constant frame rate of 60 fps. The first part of the game, Wipeout HD,  was released in September 2008 for a very cheap price of 18 Euros. The extention, Wipeout Fury, was released in July 2009 for 10 Euros. It includes 8 new tracks, new designs with upgraded performance for all ships and 3 new game modes.

I must have spent about 60 hours on this game and I managed to unlock all trophies including Platinium ! Some of them were really tricky to get like the “Airbraker” which requires to get to the 50th zone using only airbreak to control the ship.



TRAILERS (watch full screen HD)

[youtube width=480 height=270]BjNvlmObjeY[/youtube]

[youtube width=480 height=270]dGNbrQM5e54[/youtube]




As they now do with most games, the developers added a pilot assistance to help gamers who are used to casual games where you don’t need to practice before being able to really play. This function makes the ship automatically turn where you get near a wall which makes it almost impossible to follow good trajectories at high speed cause you see your ship bumping from one wall to the other non stop. This is useless and it’s like not playing the game at all, you just need to keep pressing the thrust button.

If you really want to get in the game, you need to disactivate this noob option and learn how to drive properly. It takes time but if you start with low speed (Venom) and try to do perfect laps, you should be able to begin to understand the full potential of this game. The key is to master airbreaks in order to get the best trajectory. If you can prepare your trajectory and if you know how to use airbreaks then you don’t need to release the thrust button at anytime on any track ! You know that you mastered a track when you can do 3 perfect laps in a row.

If I had to find something bad about this game, I think it would be about the AI. Well, I’m not sure if it’s really a bad point but the problem is that depending on what weapon you randomly get and what weapons the AI get and randomly throws at you, you might have to restart the same race up to 40 times before finally being lucky enough to finish in first place (on hard level) even if you mastered the track in practice mode. Also, I noticed that the AI is getting better performance and shield : a bomb might slow it down a bit, but if you get hit, you’re stopped and you need a few seconds to get back to full speed. It’s not impossible but it is a bit frustrating to have to restart everytime you get hit once (only applies to hard level setting).




Here are some pictures of Wipeout HD Fury game box that was released on bluray in October 2009. I also managed to get my hands on the press metal box release of Wipeout HD and the promo release of Wipeout HD Fury!


I started building a Wipeout museum collecting all Wipeout products I could find on eBay. So far I have all games on all platforms in almost all regions with soundtrack CD and press release. Some of them are even still new and sealed. Maybe I’ll make a presentation of my collection later. EDIT: and here it is!




Here’s a video I recorded with my PSP while playing in zone mode (Part 1 & Part 2).

[youtube width=480 height=270]Ff70-GZM2Nk[/youtube]

[youtube width=480 height=270]9Nii4USFE_s[/youtube]


  1. Ce jeu est démon. Mais impossibe d’y jouer a Wipeout HD au lycée. Hereusement qu’il est sorti sur psp “Wipeout pulse” Mode zone: -43 tours réussis. -4 tours parfaits. -1157 Km/h. -scores:60259.

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