As you might know, I’ve been making Vector Art for a while (since 2004). You can find all my drawings on my Deviant Art. This Auriga Vector Art has been released in July 2008 and during the past 3 years, I’ve been thinking about small details that I could improve on it.


Vector Art consists in drawing lines, not with pixels like in a regular picture, but with vectors : 2 points with 2 curve tangent. You work with coordinates and tangent which means that you can resize or zoom in the picture anyway you want without quality loss. You can also edit the lines at anytime with precision and play with layers, transparency, textures without limit. I’m using Paintshop Pro 8 which is getting a bit old (2003) but I still manage to do everything I want with it. I tried newer versions but they felt really heavy and slow to use so I went back to Pro 8.

I must say that I’m not very good at drawing with a pen, I actually have no drawing skills. I do this kind of work with my mouse, I start with a raw sketch representing the basic pose and then I spend days/weeks trying to make it look ok with details that create the illusion of volume.

I spent a few hours working on this REV2011 version. You can display both versions and compare if you want to see what I changed, like the double right hand, eye focus, proportions, hair details, etc… You’ll also find some captures from the raw vector file and an animated gif that shows the evolution of the drawing as I was making it.













– Paintshop Pro 8


  1. Look’s really cool, nice work 😀 it would be perfect as an char picture in games and forums (for example). I wish I could make something like this^^ (but i don’t have a program and even the skills for that :D)

  2. awsome man! one question, where did you learn your site making skills? i have spoken to you before and you sad that you have mostly thaught it youself. is there a site that you recommand? friendly regards, peter

    • I started playing with html when I was 15. Wasn’t anything too serious, just basic functions. When I wanted to do something, I just googled it and copy/pasted the code. 3 years ago, I made a whole website for an english company where I was doing a work placement. I had to look for tips to use php and css just with the help of google. So… I guess google would be my recommendation.

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