As requested, here’s a tutorial showing how to use and configure Dexpot to get roll-up and default transparency on Explorer windows.

I know that I’m super slow on updating SVS. I have a lot of stuff that are keeping me busy but I’ll try to release a new version of the theme after I’m done with my current AMV project. For the moment, I just want to show you a bit how to play with Dexpot which is the program that I mentioned in my SULACO System post that I use to optimize my screen space (rollup windows) and to set behaviour of windows (transparency, click action, etc…).


As mentioned on this banner, Dexpot is a virtual desktop manager. Means that you can manage your windows on several virtual screens. Since I don’t use this function which is activated by default, I’m not gonna give much details about it.



– compatible with ALL windows versions (including 95)

– available in portable version (USB)

– more than 20 languages available

– frequently updated through auto update

– free! (but you can donate if you want to support)




– Download Dexpot

– Install it




Let’s start with the rollup function. If you don’t know what rollup is, here’s a simple example of use :

When you use several windows at the same time, the screen can get pretty messy. You have 2 ways of solving this problem : minimize or rollup. I know that a lot people only work with fullscreen windows and rollup can’t do much in this case. But if you work with windows that you resize according to your needs, rolling up can help improving your work space.

I configured my Dexpot to roll/unroll windows when I middle click on the titlebar. To do that, you have to go to Dexpot’s Settings (right click on Dexpot icon in the taskbar) :

– go to Controls menu

– select the Title bars panel

– select the area of the window you want to create an action on (in this case, Title bar)

– select the target of this action (in this case, Active window)

– select the action that you want to perform (Roll up)

– select the button that is gonna initiate the action (Middle mouse button)

– click Add, then Apply


Remember though that you might have problems with old programs that tend to get a bit messed up by the roll-up process (like Paintshop Pro 8 ) but in most cases it works perfectly. Also, if you don’t unroll your window before closing it, it’ll display in minimal format the next time you open it.




This one is a bit more complicated to find and configure. Here’s what you need to do if you want to set a default transparency level for any kind of window like I did on this capture for my explorer windows :


Go to the Desktop’s Desktop Rules (right click on Dexpot icon in the taskbar) :

– click New and name your new rule “Explorer”

– select your new Explorer rule in the left panel

– tick “Apply rule automatically

– go to the Conditions panel

– select “Window class” in Type

– grab the crosshair and drag it on an Explorer window that you have on your screen

– you should get your condition identical to my capture

– go to the Actions panel

– click on the “+” button

– select in the dropdown list “Set transparency value

– set the transparency level that you want by dragging the cursor

– Click Apply and voila!



If you do everything as described, you should be able to play with other Dexpot’s parameters and apply other actions and rules to any type of window you want. Dexpot can do a lot more stuff, but it’s not that hard to use and once you learnt how to play with the menus, you should be able to do anything you want. You can leave a comment if you need help with anything.


  1. Didn’t works first because of the driver update who choose for me the middle button as a zoom, but thanks to Nostro now it works fine!

  2. Hi Nostromo, I was wondering if you found a tip concerning the external hard drives’ loading time while 7 is starting, because I bought a SSD a few weeks ago and it is a big pain in the neck, it takes a lot of time for loading, I have disabled the USB Legacy Support into the BIOS but this problem still remains whatever I do, I have found any tips on the internet to solve this problem and nothing neither in Windows helping tool.

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