June 2011: Trip to Sweden.

I spent my summer vacation in Sweden, a few days in Stockholm and few weeks in Umeå. I have already been there twice but this time was a good opportunity to take some pictures with my 60D.




I like to take pictures at night but in Sweden during summer, nights are short and light. I managed to take some night pictures in Stockholm but Umeå is located in north part of Sweden and nights in summer are very light, similar to a cloudy day as you can see on this picture that I took around midnight:


And here are some Stockholm night pictures that I took around 23:00 from the Sankt Eriksgatan bridge located in the west side of the city next to my hotel:



I also had the chance to test my polarized filter. Basicaly, it’s filters the light by blocking reflections and enhancing contrast as you can see on this comparaison: without / with






You’ll see this fucker everywhere if you go to Sweden!


========== Download high definition pictures ==========


  1. HA HA HA! love the ”You’ll see this fucker everywhere if you go to Sweden!” comment. good quality by the way

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