5th may 2011 : inauguration of the “First Tower” at La Defense near Paris.

First is the name of this tower because it’s the first one of the revival plan of the La Défense district. It’s not actually a new tower since it was built over an existing building. The original building was 155 meters high and it has been totally refurbished to give birth to the First Tower which is now the highest tower in France with 231 meters. For this occasion, they organized a light show on the tower and I decided to go and try my new camera with some night shots.




I installed the camera over the road on the other side of the Seine river. I did a lot of long exposure shots, from 8 to 30 seconds, so I set the camera on my Joby tripod attached on a fence. I failed a few shots at the beginning cause I forgot to disengage the vibration compensation of my lens (during long exposure shots when the camera is standing still, it produces small unwanted movements of the lens). Also, the wind was making the camera move a bit which made pictures a bit blurry.




Raw pictures are nice but I tried to filter them with digital photo lab program DxO. It helps to improve pictures with filters such as optical and geometric corrections, optimized exposure, color control, noise removal and detail enhancement. The program knows the flaws of your camera body and lens and is able to get rid of them. The rendering takes about 20 seconds for each photo but the result is really impressive !

Original RAW photo

DxO rendered photo






========== Download high definition pictures ==========


  1. Whoa. Anybody seen my jaw? I think I dropped it somewhere around here. ~~ These are going in my photo library. Thank you very much for sharing these! 🙂

  2. Wow so this is what Paris looks like, really cool lighting show and the flames on the tip of the building looks nice lol. Man I need to come to Paris for vacation sometime

  3. in my hotel warsaw novotel is also but lower than this, 231 m reaches the palace of culture in Warsaw 😛

  4. Salut, Je suis en train de regarder pour m’acheter un reflex d’ici la fin de l’année, et comme toi j’ai vu que pas mal utilisait DxO pour … mieux gérer les parties obscures ou claires de la photo. On va dire ça comme ça ~ Mais je me demandait, c’est un logiciel ordinateur en fait ? ou c’est sur l’appareil, genre un mode ou filtre a mettre etc ? J’ai cherché sur le site de l’éditeur et tout, mais trop d’info tue l’info on dirait >.< Merci ^^

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