1st January 2012: Eiffel Tower

I went to the Eiffel Tower for new year celebrations. I was disappointed to learn that fireworks were forbidden in Paris but I saw some videos of the previous years and they had some light show on the tower.



I arrived 90 minutes early to look for a good point of view. There were so many people and cops everywhere that I had to walk away from the tower. The rain stopped around 23:00 and I decided to make a small timelapse with about 1000 pictures. I stopped at 23:58 to switch to video mode but for nothing. Indeed, I was very surprised to see that they actually didn’t do anything special for the occasion. Compared to other cities like London or Sydney, Paris seemed so cheap and boring.




Canon 60D + Tamron 10-24 f3.5/4.5





(click to display 30fps gif – 12 MB)


 ========== Download high definition pictures + 720p video ==========


  1. That actually looked rather good! I dont think Sydney’s fireworks were any better because they were about the same as last years and also maybe because i seated myself at a rather dull spot.

  2. I’ve never been to paris but I’d love to go there! the photos looks great & the weather looks great as well! 😀

  3. Awesome, i’m french and i already visit Lyon, and Paris, but your pictures seem to be taked in different Lyon and Paris that i know, beautifuls pictures!

  4. I totally agree. It was the first time I saw the tower and fireworks were disappointing, furthermore there was no countdown! D: People were confused because we did’n know the exact time and when to begin to celebrate :S However, Paris is beatiful 🙂

  5. Nostromo je kiffe tes videos on etait a fond dessus avec mon groupe de pote quand j’etais au college. J’suis retombe sur ton matos y a pas longtemps ca fait plez ! Mais j’ai 1 question : PK ton site est-il entierement en Anglais ??? Qu’il le soit en majorite je peux comprendre. Mais PK en Anglais a 100% ? T’es bien Francais pourtant, nan ? (note que perso je m’en fous j’etudie en Angleterre & je parle Anglais couremment, c’est par simple curiosite) Restecp & vivement ta prochaine vid, much love, peace !

    • En anglais parce que les francophones représentent environ 30 % de visite. Il y en aurait probablement un peu plus si je faisais du français mais l’anglais reste tout de même potentiellement compréhensible par le plus grand nombre. De plus, ce choix me permet d’exercer mon anglais écrit et tu es le premier à faire cette réflexion je crois.

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