1. Shin

    Just wanted to say love your AMVs 🙂

  2. Raito1

    I absolutley love your AMV’s. Although I only discovered them a few days ago, they’re byfar the greatest I’ve ever see. >:U I’m sure you hear that all the time (not surprised) but I really mean it. You should get some sort of special mention; because in all of the other AMV’s, I can tell they spend no time editing. But really, thank you for sharing these with us, (“us” Being your jealous fans that can only sit back and envy your skills. 😀 Thank you <33

  3. Dear Nostromo,

    I love your music videos, you are an inspiration for me, when i try making anime music videos. I couldn’t do as awesome videos like you, but i tiry my best. I hope i will enjoy more of your works in the future. Gambatte :).


  4. rodro

    you have great skill. youre videos are exelent

  5. metalom

    Parle tu francais?

    • oui, un petit peu.

  6. You are the AMV God of Gods! I have never seen editing as good as yours! I watch your videos all the time, and I never get bord of them! Your skill is like no other, and all your AMVs are one of a kind!

    Keep up the excellent work!

    • Damn, why are there so many people talking about god in my AMV comments ? It’s a bit weird.
      Thx, glad you like my stuff.

  7. nostromo..god is always watching (~¬.¬)~ 😛

  8. Meinarb

    Do you have a facebook page ? *_* For you fans, obviously.

    • No, I don’t use FB.

  9. Whelk

    You are really, really good at what you do 🙂

  10. Leon

    I have listened to NostroMegamix Trance 01

    a 100000 times. Good music, and cool pictures!!

  11. Klaud07

    Hello from Russia!!!<3 u AMVs. Tell me plz, where i can look your music play list (sorry my english is bad =)

  12. Klaud07

    Thx 🙂

  13. Klaud07

    If you have a time, listen Melokind. Germany DJ with his style. (sorry my english is bad =)

  14. Mike

    It’s 2018 and I still go back to your videos year after year and show them to my friends. Really liked the newer Umbrella Corp too! Whatever you’re up to wishing you all the best from New York City!

  15. NIO

    I’m from Ukrane!
    2019 no new AMV’s? Why?

    • I hope to make one.

      • Han

        Please do!

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