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AMV mix by . It uses some of my AMVs as footage including Auriga, Running Man, Pure Thrust, Binary Overdrive, Magic Pad and Galaxy Pad. The song is The Island (Madeon Remix) by Pendulum. The video itself is pretty nice even though it has some technical flaws. It was made in 10 hours which is really impressive to me considering how slow I am at editing.

Hey guess what. Our friend  didn’t make just one Nostro AMV mix, he made 2. This second one uses same AMVs as the first video and was made in 4 hours this time. Song is Choose Me (Electro Remix) by Xilent.

And here’s a live video parody of Always Hardcore. It’s cheap, very amateur and lip sync is off but this video has some really nice ideas. Just the fact that they actually made a live video after an AMV is kinda awesome. I left a comment challenging those guys to make a Magic Pad parody a few years ago and I’m still waiting.

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  1. I like the Xilent song a lot,. Looking forward to your new AMV, really curious about what kind of song you’re working with this time, *awaits epicness*

  2. Hi there Nostromo! Just noticed today how old this article was, but an awesome read! I feel like, really good right now, knowing that my most respected design/artist/producer has mentioned me in a post. So I thank you (once again) for giving me such an exposure from you!

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