moving to new host located in Canada.

  What better time to move the site to a new host than when releasing a new AMV? Well, I was reaching the limit of my previous host, both disk space and transfer data so I thought it was time to look for something better. First I thought of upgrading my contract with 1&1 and while looking for more info about the new offers, I discovered Planet Hoster, Canadian web-hosting service. It had only perfect reviews so I decided to go with their unlimited hosting offer (apparently only available from the FR part of their site). I didn’t know unlimited was possible for this price range and I was surprised by the quality and efficiency of the interface and tools available unlike what I had with 1&1.

  Everything is already moved on the new server and I’m just waiting for the transfer of my domain name to finally leave 1&1. Meanwhile, I’m using custom DNS that seem to be working fine but there might be some downtime during transfer. Everything should be back to normal (maybe even better) by next week. Please contact me if you notice dead links or anything that doesn’t work. I’d also like to know if you notice problems with downloading, transfer rate, etc.


  1. When you have things back up and running, I was wondering if you could make a post about your taste in music. I would love to see what your top songs are as I always enjoy the audio you select for your AMVs.

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