This theme was made for Windows XP, it’s a Classic theme so it should work fine on Windows Vista/7 if you activate classic theme. Of course, it’s compatible with Windows 95/98/Me. I made it in 2003 for ICARUS, my first computer. I compiled all the files I had but you’re gonna have to take some time to look into it because there’s a lot of stuff and you might have to modify some config files in order to make it work properly.










1- This theme is a classic Windows theme, so you need to activate classic theme.

2- Extract the archive anywhere you want and copy the font in your Windows Fonts folder (C:WindowsFonts).

3- Start Desktop Architect (da.exe) and open ICARUS Theme or ICARUS Theme Black, this theme only sets Colors, Font names and styles, Font and windows sizes so you have to untick all other elements in the settings (on the right side of Desktop Architect window). Have a look at options and apply the theme.

4- Go in Windows Sound Proprieties and set sound events with provided wav files.

5- Go in mouse parameters and set cursors.

6- Set ICARUS Desktop.bmp as desktop wallpaper.

7- Download and install Rainmeter. Move skins to Rainmeter install folder and activate them one by one. I made those skins for version 1.4 but they should be compatible with 2.0. Some of those skin, like the wifi monitor, might need the installation of plugin : see Rainmeter help on how to install. I don’t remember much but leave a comment if you have problems with skins.

8- Move Waiora 3000 file to your Winamp skin folder and select it in Winamp options.

9- You’ll also find the html desktop I made. Google how to set html desktop on WinXP if you want to use it but you might have to do some modifications depending on your screen resolution cause it was made for 1400*1050. It displays buttons to access hard drives and css streams.




Sounds are extracted from Wipeout 2097. I thought this theme looked cool when I made it but it’s already 8 years old. You might be interested in taking some elements of this theme and mix them with AURIGA or SULACO themes. If you have any problem with installing any part of this theme, leave a comment and I’ll try to help.


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