Icarus was my first computer. I got it when I graduated in summer 2003. It’s an Acer Travelmate 433LM.

CPU : Intel Pentium 4 (2.66 GHz)
RAM : 2×256 MB – PC2100 (266 MHz)
GC : ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 (64 MB DDR)
Screen : 15″ (1400 x 1050)
OS : Windows XP Home 32 bits
Dimension : 327x40x269 mm, 3.1 kg
Date : 9th July 2003






I used Icarus as my main computer from 2003 to 2006. When I bought it, it was one of the best laptop available and it is really good quality. The last AMV I made with it is Vectorman, after that I kept using it as a server. I opened it twice to clean the fans that were getting dusty : first time I accidental destroyed the battery controller, the second time, the keyboard controller died. I have no idea how it happened but since it was working 24/7, I really had to clean the fans that were blowing at full-speed even when the processor was idle and cold. Today, Icarus still works but since I don’t need it anymore, it stays in the closet.



05-06-2011 update : ICARUS WinXP Theme available

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  1. Hey Nostro here are some questions:

    – Did you let your laptops screen on 24/24 as well?
    – Did you use externals monitors?
    – For a better lifespan do you recommend to let a laptop 24/24 or turn them off every night?
    – Fro which frequency do you recommend fan cleaning? once/year?

    1. – No, I closed the lid every night and before I went to school/work
      – I used my TV as secondary monitor, laptop screen remaining the primary display
      – If the laptop isn’t doing anything at night, put it to sleep mode. Using sleep mode is ok if you leave it for at least 4 hours, other than that, it’s better to leave it on and close the lid
      – Clean fan when you see dust bunnies gathering on the intake, depending on the quality of your dust filters, it can be once a week or once a month with vacuum cleaner

  2. Thanks for your answer!
    Well I was talking about cleaning my laptop, so I don’t know my filters quality, but it’s a Sony i7 dual core.
    Just dunno if it can be open as often as a desktop for cleaning.

    1. No, don’t open it, just use vacuum cleaner over the fan intake or use a dry air blower. Cleaning the inside is only required if you use it a lot and if you notice that the fan is getting noisy of starting even when the computer isn’t doing anything. This is a risky operation. I should know because the first time I opened ICARUS, I somehow broke the battery controller and when I opened it again to try to fix it, I broke the keyboard controller (still don’t know what I did wrong though, I’m experienced in these stuff). It still works though.

        1. It´s been 4 months since I got it and I only started cleaning now even trough it runned almost 24/24··· I hope it will not be damaged.

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