1. I assume this current design is just temporary. It works, I guess, but compared to the previous design, this is super vanilla.

    • This is the default WordPress theme.
      I’m looking at my options regarding customization but I don’t want to go as deep as I did before because this was the reason it became so complicated to update stuffs.

    • Ok it’s starting to look like something.
      Those who have too much free time can F5 time to time to watch my progress.

      I must say it’s kinda fun, feels like moving to a new place with all my toys and furniture.

  2. This is probably not the right place, but do you still have this “Nostromegamix” touch? I know you need access to the club scene music. But i am still hearing today both parts, that you put Online.. my favorite is the 2nd part

    Well, if not and this are things from the past, it is okay. Just that i am curious to ask

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