Tracon 11 is over. Being invited as guest of honor was a blast, craziest adventure I’ve ever been on!

I’ll tell more about this journey on the upcoming photography post but you’re probably all wondering about the new AMV. It turns out that I barely managed to complete a good enough beta for Tracon and there is still a lot of work as I need to make adjustments on transitions, fix some parts that I’m not completely satisfied with yet and take care of the 60fps process + making-of video.

I’m aiming for a release of Umbrella Corp (that’s the title) in late September October.

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  1. I almost prefer it this way. If the AMV weren’t delayed, we wouldn’t have gotten this brilliant photo of Nostromo’s actual video editing process in action, construction garb and all.

  2. Good news ”)
    you are very good, their techniques are the best I have ever seen, no other editor surprises me as much as you!

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