I am currently preparing a huge update of Sulaco and I’m gathering pieces from multiple stores. I now have everything besides memory (modules that I want are very hard to find in France right now) and hard drives. Well, I actually bought hard drives but got a problem.

Two days ago, I saw a video on Youtube about a guy who ordered HDDs and found out by looking at the S.M.A.R.T. data (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) that those drives had been used before, refurbished and sold to him. I decided to have a look at my brand new sealed drives, just to be sure.

I’m totally paranoid about data and hard drives, had 3 crashes already, regularly do backup of everything and since I’m planning on doing raid 0, I want to avoid any risk of failure. Turned out both drives had a power on count and power on hours. I looked closely at the anti static bag and noticed that it looked like it was cut by hand and manually thermo-glued. The original label of the bag had been removed and a new one was places over it. Didn’t really look like something that came out of the factory.

I went back to the store and got replacements for both drives, back home, tested them again, same problem. I had a look at the partitioning and noticed a strange 350 GB unformatted partition. I contacted Seagate with serial numbers and turns out those were OEM drives with no warranty. OEM drives are supposed to be sold to companies for system integration and it’s illegal to sell them as bulk drives. I have no idea when they were first turned on, who used them, why they were removed from their original devices or how many transportations they went through. Back to the store today and asked for refund.

I don’t know if this issue comes from the store or from Seagate but I’ll probably be more careful about where I buy my hardware next time and I advice everybody to SMART test new drives and contact the manufacturer with the serial number in case anything looks weird.

Update: “New” Hard Drives 2

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  1. wow, that store was really messing with you and all their clients 🙁 i usually buy IT components via internet and didn’t have any problems. Checked my smart info when i got it and was new, even if the hdd model i ordered was quite old and difficult to find. Same for my RAM modules.
    Oh and good luck getting the rest of the components for Sulaco!

  2. Ah aha h ! C’est énorme ça dit donc ~ L’arnaque ^^
    Tu les achètes où tes disques ?
    En général j’achète chez LDLC et j’ai jamais eu le problème. SMART test … connais pas.
    Je testerais un jour. Je vais me faire un RAID 1, moi aussi je commence a avoir peur de perdre mes données >.<

    1. C’est Grosbill, j’ai profité que j’ai acheté la CM et le processeur chez eux (bien neufs, j’ai vérifié). Je pense essayer LDLC la prochaine fois.

  3. Ne pas oublier que les constructeur font des tests sur leurs disques dur classiques et SSD. Mais bon 145 heures de test ça fait long :p

  4. I recently bought the cheapest 3TB HDD available on eBay and had no problems like this. Guess I were lucky then…

      1. If I recall correctly, yes. I checked everything once it arrived since I’m also a bit fussy about these things.

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