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    1. 52 hours driving a truck with the material contents of your entire life sounds like a good character building experience.

      1. Thought so too, wouldn’t be a real transition without this step.
        Ended up being more around 64 hours driving if you count traffic and roadblocks (Germany was a nightmare).

    1. Bought a learning method, will start as soon as I recover from my truck adventures.
      Everybody speaks English here but I’ll need Swedish if I want to find a job.

      1. Good luck man, wish you the best. Sweden is a good country, hope you’ll be happy there. Would be nice to know your reasons for moving out of France, but I understand if you’d prefer not to say.

        1. Thx, not going into details, it’s just personal stuff. No job opportunity or anything like that. Also I can’t take french summer anymore.

  1. god since you uploaded quantum ripples i have been following you 2 years ago?, good luck and hope you enjoy living there ^^/

  2. Welcome to Sweden 🙂

    Fellow french here who moved there about 7 years ago. I guess you’re getting your first winter here. It is usually the easiest, but the following ones might get to you over time…
    I’ve loved your AMVs for a bunch of years now, happy to see you moving here as well. Which city though ? I lived in Stockholm but now in Gothenburg.

    Anyway, ta det lugn, hoppas du njuttar sverige och redan provade bullar, husmanskost och några annan typiska svenska grejer.

    1. Hej, I’m in Umeå.
      Been going to school for the past 5 months learning Swedish and I’m finally making some progress being able to actually form sentences and understanding people. I also stated looking for a job.
      I don’t mind winter but unfreezing the car everyday is kinda annoying. I’m looking forward to riding my skateboard again in summer.

      Kan du prata perfekt svenska nu? Bättre än engelska? Vad arbeta du med?

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