A Windows XP Classic theme that should work fine on Windows Vista/7 if you activate classic theme. Of course, it’s compatible with Windows 95/98/Me. I made it in 2006 for DIOS, my Ferrari 4005 Laptop. This theme pack is similar to ICARUS Theme with Rainmeter skins.







DIOS WinXP Theme



1- This theme is a classic Windows theme, so you need to activate classic theme.

2- Extract the archive anywhere you want and copy the font in your Windows Fonts folder (C:WindowsFonts).

3- Start Desktop Architect (da.exe) and open DIOS Theme Black, this theme only sets Colors, Font names and styles, Font and windows sizes so you have to untick all other elements in the settings (on the right side of Desktop Architect window). Have a look at options and apply the theme.

4- Go in Windows Sound Proprieties and set sound events with provided wav files.

5- Set DIOS_xx.bmp as desktop wallpaper.

6- Download and install Rainmeter. Move skins to Rainmeter install folder and activate them one by one. I made those skins for version 1.4 but they should be compatible with 2.0. Some of those skin, like the wifi monitor, might need the installation of plugin : see Rainmeter help on how to install. I don’t remember much but leave a comment if you have problems with skins. You’ll have to move them on the desktop to the right place where you want it and set the position and mouse action.





Sounds are extracted from Wipeout Pure, I mixed them and added some sound effects You might be interested in taking some elements of this theme and mix them with ICARUS, AURIGA or SULACO themes. If you have any problem with installing any part of this theme, leave a comment and I’ll try to help. The original wallpaper background is C-FORM test site 04 created originally by jedeye459.


  1. I tried to get this to work, but couldn’t get rainmeter to recognize any of the skins (was using rainmeter 2.0). Couldnt get the windows to be transparent using dexpot (would go transparent, but go back to the default as soon as I close the window). I was just having a ton of trouble overall 🙁

    • Do you have problem with just my skins or did you try with other Rainmeter skins ? For Dexpot, you can set a defaut transparency value in the Desktop Rules menu. There, you can create rules for each applications and window type.

  2. Merci Nostro, le thème fonctionne mais il manque les infos des disques durs sur Ranmeter Skins (F4005,Dios,Zone,Assegai et Quirex) dans le dossier ( Rainmeter Skin),ce sont des option qui marchent avec Samurise?

    • Je ne l’ai pas inclus dans l’archive car ce skin nécessite des modifications : modification des noms des disques durs et modifications dans le code du skin. J’ai mis à jour l’archive et tu peux récupérer ce skin maintenant.

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