As requested, here’s the AURIGA Windows XP theme.

This theme was made for Windows XP, it’s a Classic theme so it should work fine on Windows Vista/7 if you activate classic theme. Of course, it’s compatible with Windows 95/98/Me. It’s been running on AURIGA till this day and I also installed it on my computer at work. Colleagues and the IT guy keep telling me how weird it looks but I think it’s more comfortable for the eyes than the default windows bright white-in-your-face theme.











1- This theme is a classic Windows theme, so you need to activate classic theme.

2- Extract the archive anywhere you want and copy the font in your Windows Fonts folder (C:WindowsFonts).

3- Start Desktop Architect (da.exe) and open AURIGA Theme Black, this theme only sets Colors, Font names and styles, Font and windows sizes so you have to untick all other elements in the settings (on the right side of Desktop Architect window). Have a look at options and apply the theme.

4- Go in Windows Sound Proprieties and set sound events with provided wav files.

5- Set Wall_1.bmp as desktop wallpaper.

6- Install Logon Studio and set Auriga Logon as logon screen.

7- Start Samurize and run Auriga config file. Then you have to play a bit with options, move the config to the top left corner of your screen and set the config as unclickable background.

8- move Segment-X skin file to your Winamp skin folder and select it in Winamp options.




Sounds are extracted from Wipeout Pulse PSP game. There’s not much to do to install this theme, Desktop Architect and Samurize are portable so you can move them to any folder you want. You might have to edit Samirize config file to fit your system since it was made to monitor my harddrives and quad core CPU. If you have any problem with installing any part of this theme, leave a comment and I’ll try to help.


  1. I’m having problems getting the Auriga login to work as there doesn’t seem to be a file with the right extension in the download. Or maybe I’m confused?

    • You have to copy the Auriga Logon folder into your Logon Studio folder (or skin folder I don’t remember). Then open Logon Studio and select the Auriga skin. Sorry for the delay.

  2. I need help with this samurize i opened clinets from samurize folder and choosed aurriga.ini still nothing changed……

    • Yep, the config was located at coordinates 1920 (second screen). I forgot to move it but I updated the archive file and it’s ok now. Just download it again or edit the config file and zoom out to 10% to see the objects and move them. Thx for warning me.

  3. Sorry to bother you, really I’m not doing this type of things, but on the part of Samurize how you put the confg on the background

    • Right click on Samurize taskbar icon and select config file (if it’s not already done) If you downloaded the pack a while ago, there was a problem with the Auriga config that I fixed. Just download again. Let me know if it works.

  4. Can you please explain how the RAM bars work? It consists of 3 bars: 2 big and 1 very thin. The big one that draws a thin horizontal line shows how many % are used atm. What does the one divided into many parts that colour from time to time do? And what does the thin one do? Just acts as a design detail? (to get 2 bars instead of 1) At the time of the screenshot 49% RAM were used up (task manager said so)

    • If I remember right, the first bar is supposed to display the meter background (empty math string : it doesn’t measure anything). The second displays the actual used memory and displays the peak value. And the thin last one is just design. If you had 49% of used memory in the screen shot, it means there’s a problem cause it looks like the meter displays about 12%. It seems the correspond to the peak value. What Windows are you using ? I tested it with Win7 64b and there seem to be some problems with that progress bar. There’s an other meter located under the CPU charge that display free memory in numbers, does it work and is it accurate for you ?

  5. Windows 7 32bit Enterprise (same as Ultimate) The number one seems to work well, though. Will try to play around with options.

  6. Made the meter from sratch and it seems to be working. But a question: how to bring object to front (in this case the small bar that splits the big bar into two) in Samurize?

  7. Nostromo, a question which is the image anime image LOGON, 1920×880. I want to know if the picture is normal bone, not red, even that looks good, I admit, but I want that image are red. I await your answers, thanks

  8. me podrias ayudar … llego hasta la parte de samurize. y no se que hacer despues de arreglarlo.. a y podrias explicarme mas a fondo lo del logon sceen…

  9. I really can’t find these in my sound properties: messgout shieldactivated stealthmodedeact messgin stealthmode warning Do they have other names in the properties list or… ? Thanks anyway.

  10. Sweeeet ! 😀 Last question, I promise… 😉 How do you get your taskbar on the left side of your screen… on windows XP ??

  11. I solved the ‘click’ problem by right clicking your ‘samurize client’ in the tray bar and going to ‘position’ and checking ‘click through’. You can also lock samurize in ‘position’. Hope this helps… 🙂 I think this is what you meant…

  12. Bonsoir, J’ai quelques soucis pour installer ce thème et je suis sous windows 7, saurais-tu m’aider ? Comment fais-tu pour que tes dossiers ouverts deviennent transparents ? (on voit le fond d’écran à travers) Je n’ai pas compris la partie avec samurize, notamment le “unclickable background”. Comme le client ne veut pas se lancer quelque soit ce que je fais, je lance la config puis j’ouvre la config Auriga, mais que faire ensuite ? Comment faire pour appliquer la config au bureau ? Merci d’avance. Lunatic

    • La transparence s’active avec un clic milieu sur la barre de titre de la fenêtre. C’est Winroll qui gère ça. Il y avait un problème avec la première archive que j’ai envoyé, j’ai fait une mise à jour il y a quelques semaines, ça peut résoudre ton problème avec Samurize. J’ai testé sur mon Win7, le client fonctionne et la config Auriga est activée. Si ça ne marche pas pour toi, il me faut plus de détails pour t’aider.

      • Merci bien, en fait Samurize se lançait mais n’ouvrait pas de fenêtre donc je pensais que cela ne fonctionnait pas, puis j’ai remarqué l’icône dans la barre des tâches. ^^’ Ce thème est vraiment sympathique merci. Je m’en vais maintenant tester le thème Sulaco. 😉

  13. trying to install this on Windows 7. But when it comes to Logon Studio, even though I installed it, whenever I try to start it, I keep getting “Error ’53’ File not found”.. Do you know what is the cause of this`?

  14. Nostromo, Quick question the picture at the top of the page. It has Auriga systems as a title the two girls in the background, where did you get that I saw it once and have been searching for hours. I would appreciate a link or just a word to search under.

  15. How did you make your windows translucent with a windows classic theme? Or does it just look translucent?

  16. hi i have problem with Winamp Time Circle meter, before i reinstal my widows it works fine with AIMP 3 but naw it’s broke (Time Arrow to but i don’t need it 😛 ), mayby you know wat plugin from winamp i need ore what change in option to get it work agen (the rest is working fine “Winamp now playing, Winamp time”), and i love this theme, for transparency i’m using Glass2k and Objeck Dock insted the icons 🙂

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